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Avnu Bette Gowda Ivlu Chikka Boramma lyrics from Kiss Kannada Movie. BetteGowda V/s ChikkaBoramma is a Kannada song from the movie Kiss. A P Arjun has worked on BetteGowda V/s ChikkaBoramma song lyrics and the music is composed by V Harikrishna. The song is being sung by Puneeth Rajkumar. BetteGowda V/s ChikkaBoramma video song features Viraat and Sreeleela in a lead role. DBeatsMusicWorld holds the record label for BetteGowda V/s ChikkaBoramma Kannada song.

BetteGowda V/s ChikkaBoramma Lyrics in English

About the Song

Singer: Puneeth Rajkumar
Lyricist: A P Arjun
Music: V Harikrishna
Star-cast: Viraat and Sreeleela
Director: A P Arjun
Producers: A P Arjun
Music Label: DBeatsMusicWorld

BetteGowda V/s ChikkaBoramma Song Lyrics Beginning

English Version

Chi Chi Chi Hudugi
Hey! Chi Chi Chi Chi Hudugi
Thu Thu Thu Huduga
Hey! Thu Thu Thu Thu Huduga

Avnu Bettegowda, Evlu Chikkboramma
Avanu Bettegowda, Evalu Chikkaboramma
Obrig Obrig Obrig Obrig Hattid Ariyangilla
Ivr Obrig Obrig Obrig Obrig Tindid Argangilla
Haavu Mungoosi Jaathka Ibrudu
Ene Madudru Match’ee Agadu!

Avnu Bettegowda, Evlu Chikkboramma!

Avnu Phone Maadi Keldaaga Silent’al Ittidde
Sullu Heltale, Dove’u Maadtale
Edrige Bandre Malli Tara Maska Hoditale!
Naayi Antale, Pishachi Antale
Ella Roga Ivnge Bandu Saayli Antale!
Haaku Paaku Kittale Paaku
Dama Duma De..
Hasthi Naathin Toku Nakan
Dama Duma De..
Tom’u Jerry Jagla Ibrudu
Devre Bandru Sandhana Agadu!

Avnu Bettegowda, Evlu Chikkboramma..!

Avnu Muttu Kott Hontogu Andrunu Hogalla
Jothege Irtale, Rodhne Kodtale
Pug Naayi Hodange Hinde Hogtale!
Style’u Madtale, Pose’u Kodtale
Naagavalli Tangi Tara Act’u Madtale!
Ava Lakki Pava Lakki
Motte Hod’doytu..
Koli Hunja Aatadalli Chaaku Murdoytu!
Haavu Mungoosi Jaathka Ibrudu
Devre Bandru Sandhana Agadu!

Avanu Bettegowda, Evalu Chikkaboramma!!

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