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Devakige Krishna lyrics from Malgudi Days Kannada Movie. Devakige Krishna is a Kannada song from the movie Malgudi Days. Kishore Moodbidri has worked on Devakige Krishna song lyrics and the music is composed by Gagan Baderiya. The song is being sung by Ashwin Sharma. Devakige Krishna video song features Vijay Raghavendra in a lead role. PRK Audio holds the record label for Devakige Krishna Kannada song.

Devakige Krishna Lyrics in English

About the Song

Singer(s): Ashwin Sharma
Lyricist: Kishore Moodbidri
Music: Gagan Baderiya
Star-cast: Vijay Raghavendra
Director(s): Kishor Moodbidri
Producer(s): K Rathnakara Kamath
Music Label: PRK Audio

Devakige Krishna Lyrics Beginning

English Version

Baravaseya Belaka Bitthi
Kanasa.. Kudure Hatthi
Tiruvu Daati Betta Eri..

Thudiya Bega Mutti
Geluva.. Nageya Beeri
Jagavella Kaala Kelage Seri..

Amma Ninna Nenaponde Smruthiyolage
Nannolagina Mouna
Nannusirina Dyana
Neene Dairya, Neralaago Showrya
Jaga Belago Hanathe Neenamma..

Devakige Krishna, Devaralla
Kowsalyege Raama, Devaralla
Devaranne Hettha, Amma Devarallave?
Mattondu Balya Beduthaa..
Bechchane Madilalli Maguvaaguve Naanu Amma
Amma Ninna Baalalli Naguvaaguvenamma!

Nanna Amma, Nan Amma, Jaga Kaayo Daiva
Nanna Jeeva Neene, Nanna Bhava Neene
Neene Dairya, Neralago Showrya
Jaga Belago Hanathe Neenamma..

Dirana Na Na Na
Amma.. Amma..
Amma.. Ammaa..

End of Lyrics!

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