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Obbane Obbane lyrics from Sri Manjunatha Kannada Movie. Obbane Obbane is a Kannada Devotional Song song from the movie Sri Manjunatha. Hamsalekha has worked on Obbane Obbane Manjunathanobbane song lyrics and the music is composed by himself. The song is being sung by SP Balasubramaniam. Obbane Obbane video song features Chiranjeevi, Ambareesh, Arjun, Meena, Soundarya in a lead role. Saregama South holds the record label for Obbane Obbane Kannada song.

Obbane Obbane Lyrics in English

About the Song

Singer(s): SP Balasubramaniam
Lyricist: Hamsalekha
Music: Hamsalekha
Star-cast: Chiranjeevi, Ambareesh, Arjun, Meena, Soundarya
Director(s): N/A
Producer(s): N/A
Music Label: Saregama South

Obbane Obbane Lyrics Beginning

English Version

Obbane Obbane Manjunatha’nobbane ||
Jnanaku Dhyanaku Obbane
Bhaktigu Muktigu Obbane Avanobbane
Obbane Obbane Manjunatha’nobbane ||

Neenondu Kallu Ende Neenellu Illavende
Manjunatha.. Manjunatha..
Neene Nanna Balige Bandu Ninnallene Iruvenende
Nanna Kanna Tereteredu Olaganna Toriside
Manjunatha.. Manjunatha..
Nannapapa Toleyalendu Gangeyante Bhumigilide
Poreyanu Tereyalu Obbane
Poreyalu Nammanu Obbane Haranobbane
Obbane Obbane Manjunatha’nobbane..

Tande’Illadhone Ende Tandeyagi Neenu Bande
Naanu Anno Ahankara Suttu Bhasma Madidhone
Manjannu Deepa Madi Hosa Janmavanne Tande
Arivigene Guruvada Gurugala Guru Ivane
Satyavu Nityavu Obbane
Dharmavu Daivavu Obbane Shivanobbane..

Shankara Shankara Hara Hara Shankara Murhara Bhavahara Shashidhhara Shubhakara
Jaya Jaya Shambo Jaya Jaya Chandradhara.. Shankara..
Jaya Jaya Shambo Jaya Jaya Gangadhara.. Murahara..
Jaya Jaya Shambo Jaya Jaya Gauridhara..
Jaya Jaya Shambo Jaya Jaya Vishahara.. Harahara
Manjunatha.. Manjunatha.. Manjunatha.. Manjunatha!

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