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Neene Yendigu lyrics from Love Mocktail Kannada Movie. Neene Yendigu is a Kannada song from the movie Love Mocktail. Raghavendra V Kamath has worked on Neene Endigu song lyrics and the music is composed by Raghu Dixit. The song is being sung by Nihal Tauro. Neene Yendigu video song features Darling Krishna, Milana Nagraj in a lead role. Raghu Dixit Music holds the record label for Neene Yendigu Kannada song.

Neene Yendigu Lyrics in English

About the Song

Singer(s): Nihal Tauro
Lyricist: Raghavendra V Kamath
Music: Raghu Dixit
Star-cast: Darling Krishna, Milana Nagraj
Director(s): Darling Krishna
Producer(s): Milana Nagraj and Darling Krishna
Music Label: Raghu Dixit Music

Neene Yendigu Lyrics Beginning

English Version

Ee Kanasali Dinavu
Suriside Olavu
Naguthali Neenu..
Ee Manasali Nalivu
Badukali Geluvu, Tharutali Neenu
Usire Nanagaagi Nee Iruva Haage
Korala Dhaniyaagi Nanna Haadaguve!
Nanna Sneha, Nanna Prema
Nanna Preethi Neene..
Nanna Jeeva, Nanna Bhava
Nanna Loka Neene Yendigu!

Ee Odalali Miditha
Hrudayada Baditha, Thudithavu Neenu
Ee Yedeyali Seletha
Olavina Moretha, Smaraneyu Neenu
Olave Varavaagi Bandiruva Haage
Januma Nanadella Ninadaagide
Nanna Sneha, Nanna Prema
Nanna Preethi Neene..
Nanna Jeeva, Nanna Bhava
Nanna Loka Neene Yendigu!

Novige Naguva Tharuve Neenu..
Kattalali Belaka Tharuve Neenu..
Nannaseya Arivu Neenu..
Neenagiruve Nanna Niluvu..
Nanna Preethi, Nanna Keerthi
Mana Shanthi Neene..
Nanna Dhairya, Nanna Sthairya
Aishwarya Neene..
Nanna Maana, Nanna Praana
Sanmaana Neene..
Nanna Mouna, Nanna Dhyana
Sanmaarga Neene Yendigu!

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