Somberi Lyrics – Thurthu Nirgamana Songs Lyrics

Somberi lyrics from Thurthu Nirgamana Kannada Movie. Somberi is a Kannada song from the movie Thurthu Nirgamana. Dhananjay Ranjan has worked on Somberi song lyrics and the music is composed by Dossmode. The song is being sung by Vijay Prakash. Somberi video song features Suneel Rao in a lead role. Divo holds the record label for Somberi Kannada song.

Somberi Lyrics in English

About the Song

Singer(s): Vijay Prakash
Lyricist: Dhananjay Ranjan
Music: Dossmode
Star-cast: Suneel Rao
Director(s): Hemanth Kumar L
Producer(s): Bharath Kumar & Hemanth Kumar L
Music Label: Divo

Somberi Lyrics Beginning

English Version

Lokaane allaaramge eddu odovaaga,
Vikram ge aaraamaagi bidkondiro yoga..
Oorgella buddhi helo bhuddhivanthikeli,
Kaalaane khaali maadthavnri..
Ee Somberi.. Somberi..
Ha Ha Ha.. I love sleeping you know!

Area da adda-dalli
Tea-gu, dum-gu saala..
Hoge bidta kans kantavne,
Ivandu ondu baala..

Mundeno maadtheenantha
Sumne kaage haarsthavnri,
Jeevnaane bowling maadkond
batting aadthaavnri!

Ee Somberi.. Somberi..

Nenne nenape illa,
Indina arive illa..
Naale anno bagge,
He he.. bidi.. chance-e illa!
Yaarene andru, Oor mel oore beledru..
Ivanig illa worry
Ivanig ivane vairi!

Somberi.. Somberi.. Somberi.. Somberi..
Vikram elo..
Haad mugeeth hogri..

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